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Your Day English and Football


A comprehensive programme of lessons in the morning and football in the afternoon is an ideal way to improve your English and enjoy the fabulous sport of Rugby.


Students begin lessons and the first part of the morning is dedicated to grammar and writing skills. Classes are motivating and fun as students learn more about grammar, words and phrases and how to use them They quickly improve Speaking, Listening, Accuracy, Fluency and Pronunciation.




In this session the emphasis is on developing oral and aural skills and involves the use of role play, drama. Students become more confident in conversations and discussions and the emphasis is on fun, creativity and self expression.




Students enjoy an afternoon of football coaching .The coaches are professional FAI (Football Association of Ireland) approved coaches and have wide experience in coaching teenagers. All the basic skills of passing, tackling, dribbling are covered and where possible match play with local teams is organised for Friday afternoons.



Depart by private coach for Full Day Excursion to places of outstanding natural beauty or interest. Students are accompanied by LLI representatives as they discover Ireland’s unique landscape and culture.


After a busy week packed full of activities students can relax and enjoy some free time and get ready for the week ahead!

All Students are required to do project work and complete an oral presentation in English of their work at the end of their stay. Prizes for speaking English at the weekly awards ceremony help students to remain motivated and encourages the students in a fun and supportive environment.